The Must-Haves For A Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

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With some many creditors closing in and information being offered in a limited context, too many clients make poor choices. Too many clients pick a lawyer based on pricing and little-to-no information. Too many clients in Brazil see a pretty advert and choose based on this. It takes more than fancy advertising to make a good lawyer. It also takes more than heresay to build up the credentials.

Are you in tough spot right now, but don’t know where to turn? Are you looking for answers, but not getting any? This is why I am writing this article. This article I hope will shed some light and be informative for all you readers.



The fee will have to be factored in a bit. Most lawyers will charge a flat rate. This goes for both the Chapter Seven Liquidation and the Chapter Thirteen Personal Organization.

This fee should include everything from the initial consultation and preparation to the three-forty-one meeting and the action plans. Before going any further, look at the agreement. Make sure that everything is outlined and covered. You have to know what will be covered and what won’t. You might be responsible for some of the costs. Know this going in. This way you can plan accordingly.


Here is the honest truth. Most lawyers can handle bankruptcy; but, it doesn’t mean they have the experience. It’s always better to go with someone who has been there. It’s always better to go with someone who has done these cases. Never place your fate in the hands of someone who “just doesn’t get it.”

You also need someone who is familiar with the 5 code changes. This is very important. If the person isn’t familiar, move on.


One last thought I will leave with you. Never hire someone who is just going to “slash and burn the cases.” These are the lawyers who just churn through each case, without taking the each client need into account. Your lawyer needs to gear your case towards your needs. If you sense your lawyer will “slash and burn” everything, only to move on to the next, you need to find someone new. This person is not going to help; nor, will he/she care about helping you.

Find someone who treats you like a person, not a number.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Caravalho has been in this business for a long time. He has seen and done it all. He is the guy you need for your case. He is also the guy who has all of the above elements. Ricardo has awarded his clients over millions of dollars, just within the last two years alone. He has experience when it comes to banking and bankruptcy. He knows how the creditors work. He knows how the laws and the banking systems work. You really can not do any better than him.

Follow the link below. Just submit some information. One of his reps, if not him, will get back to you right away. Your time and court costs are precious. Too precious to be wasting away with some second-rate lawyer. Hire the best. Hire Ricardo.

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Kenneth C. Griffin: The Notable Hedge Fund Mogul

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The hedge fund manager Ken Griffin was born in Daytona Beach on October 15, 1968. He realized his calling in finance while still at Harvard University. Mr. Griffin got inspired after reading an article from the Forbes Magazine. It was during his freshman year at the University that he started investing. Mr. Griffin started a hedge fund that was capitalized with $265,000 that he got from his family, friends, and his grandmother. He managed to convince the University Administration to let him install a satellite link on top of his dorm so that he could monitor the stock market data. His first hedge fund was a success. Mr. Griffin survived the devastating stock market crash of 1989. He was able to secure some funds during the stock market crash. He used the funds he secured to set up his second hedge fund. He was managing over $1 million between the two funds. He later graduated successfully with a degree in economics on

The founder of Glenwood Capital LLC Frank C. Meyer saw the potential in Mr. Griffin and offered him $1 million to invest. Griffin surprised Meyer by the returns he made from the investment. The New York Times reported that Mr. Meyer Made 70 percent investment return. Griffin founded Citadel in 1990 with a capital of $4.6 million. The company operates two primary businesses, Citadel Securities, and Citadel. Citadel Securities was formed in 2002. The leading global market maker provides liquidity and trade executions to retail and institutional customers. It was ranked by Barron’s #1 in the provision of price improvements for potential investors. Citadel Securities is one of the largest market makers in the U.S. today. It makes market in over 7,000 listed securities in the U.S. and close to 18,000 OTC securities globally.

Citadel is the eleventh largest and most successful hedge fund manager globally. It is the second multi-strategy hedge fund worldwide. Today Citadel manages over $26 billion in capital making it one of the largest global asset managers. The funds boast of two years of solid returns from 2009 and 2010. This is equivalent to twenty percent gains. Citadel successfully completed the Yuan fundraising in 2014, becoming the first foreign fund to do so. Citadel is among the three percent of the hedge funds that have been in operation for more than twenty years. Today the firm manages portfolio for some of the world’s known institutions like pensions, University Endowments, and Sovereign Wealth Funds. The company is a home to 1,400 employees with branch offices all over North America, Europe, and Asia. The company has its main headquarters in Chicago. In 2012, Forbes identified Kenneth Griffin among the highest paid hedge fund managers. Mr. Griffin has appeared numerous times in the Forbes magazine with his first notable appearance in 2003. He was the youngest self-made individual on the Forbes 400. Mr. Griffin has an estimated worth of $6.6 billion. He has made numerous donations to various institutions. Most notable is the one-time donation of $150 million that he made to Harvard University. His donations to different organizations have totaled to $ 500 million.

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Heads Propaganda On Traditional Advertising vs. Internet Advertising

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Heads Propaganda is an extremely successful Brazilian advertising agency led by Cláudio Loureiro. The agency has done so well because Cláudio Loureiro understands the need to balance between traditional and internet advertising. Most agencies in Brazil and other parts of the world have mindlessly jumped in on the internet and digital media bandwagon but Cláudio Loureiro has always stressed on the fact that there are certain areas where traditional options are still quite relevant. As such, the client base of Heads Propaganda has always received the best services because of its CEO Cláudio Loureiro.

In the following points, the experts of Heads Propaganda compare various traditional advertising options with internet advertising –

Print Media – Only 10% people in Brazil read their news online while the rest still choose magazines and newspapers. Print media is a great format for local and regional news, especially publications with a good reader base. 1/5th of the people in Brazil use this format at least once every week. Heads Propaganda recommends tailoring print media campaigns keeping these statistics in mind. This means that a campaign should probably be run for a month to test its efficacy.

Radio – 80% people in Brazil listen to the news on traditional radio and not online radio. Radio allows companies to reach a targeted audience base, depending on the radio channel and radio show. The average radio listener in Brazil tunes it for 4 hours every day and 2.5 hours on weekends. Heads Propaganda says that timing is crucial in this respect because most people listen to radio when they are driving to work or driving back home.

Television Advertising – On a global scale, nothing beats television advertising because TV is still the primary source of entertainment everywhere. The market penetration of television is 100% in Brazil. Almost 3/4th of the population of Brazil tunes in to their television sets for over 4 hours daily. Heads Propaganda recommends understanding the television programs to gauge the kind of audience that would be tuning in for a particular show.

Online and Digital Advertising – Mobile internet (66%) and traditional internet on computers and laptops (70%) is slowly increasing in popularity in Brazil. Internet advertising should be preferred by those people who want a real time response to their campaigns. Heads Propaganda adds that the turnaround time is quite quick with the internet and it is also an affordable option.

With these options in line, companies should hire a good agency like Heads Propaganda to make advertising work for them.

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Dog Treat Do’s

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Treats can be an effective tool when trying to train a dog tricks, to help condition behaviors, a great way to bond as well as being the perfect way to sharing snack time with your best friend. Balls, ball, bones, biscuits, dental chews, rawhide, and even raw veggies are favorite treats for our K-9 friends.

As far as training with treats go, a general rule of thumb is to use what your dog loves more than anything as a reward for following commands. Most dogs prefer an edible treat such as a piece of cheese or bones, however some dogs would much rather you toss them their favorite toy or excitedly praise them and scratch their belly. Keep in mind also that treats are only meant to be given sparingly, that they are not supposed to make up a significant amount of your dogs diet. If you choose to go with edible treats be sure to read the serving size as too many can cause excess weight gain and lead to an unbalanced diet.

Flavor is important when choosing a treat, as you want it to be something they will do anything in the world for but there are other factors to consider too. An ideal treat will be the right size for the dog, one too large is a choking hazard. It will also be the proper texture and firmness, an elderly dog is less likely to be able to chew as hard as a puppy is able so a softer one will be preferred over tougher ones such as rawhides or bones. Dental chews are also an excellent option for an occasional treat, dogs love them and they scrub the plaque off hard to reach places to help keep their teeth healthy.

Safety first is the best advice when it comes to brands of treats, choose a well known brand that is widely available. Fly-by-night brands are cropping up all over and are untested, are often part of a fad feeding diet, and generally are not regulated how a larger company is. Treats such as Greenies are time tested, well known and a canine favorite. Another treat, produced on multivu by Beneful, called Healthy Smile are also a dental type of treat and comes in many varieties such as twists, ridges and several size options. Beneful also has a line of Baked Delights, biscuit type treats that are made with real ingredients and less fillers than other treats. Snausages are a favorite for those dogs who do not have a strong chewing drive, or who have more delicate teeth.

For a special snack time with your pup, try sharing with them a raw carrot, bell pepper, apple slices or a banana. These are all safe to feed, and we all know that pups just want what you have. Whatever your choice of treat keep in mind portion, size, and hardness for safety, your dog will thank you with years of love to give.

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Lime Crime’s Color Palette Inspires A Creative Fan Base

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Lime Crime began with a vision to break away from the ordinary. Doe Deere was frustrated that she could not find the playful hues and saturated pigments that she craved. The department store makeup counters touted natural hues for many a season, and it was difficult for Doe Deere to find cosmetics that offered fun pops of whimsical color. Lime Crime was born out of a need to find incredible colors that suited her fun stage persona.

Lime Crime is inspired by the creations of its’ clients. The bold palette has empowered many to create imaginative looks that capture a free-spirited point of view. Clients found that by combining the Carousel Lip Gloss and the Zodiac Eye Glitter, they could create beautiful glitter lips. A Carousel Lip Gloss in a shade such as Snowsicle pairs exquisitely with the Pisces Zodiac eye glitter. The cosmetic glitter is safe and nontoxic to wear on your pout. Cosmetic glitter and craft glitter are not created equally; the Lime Crime selection of cosmetic glitter offers a safe alternative that is readily available in a wide array of colors including the fuchsia Sagittarius, turquoise Cancer, emerald Capricorn and silver Ophiuchus among others.

If you prefer to showcase your eyes, the winged glitter eyeliner look is stunning and unique. The glitters also mix well, so they compliment each other. One fan achieves the winged glitter eyeliner look by utilizing a mix of the Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio glitter. The Zodiac glitter line is so versatile and gives fans so many options that many are finding new creative ways to create a look. Lime Crime is inspired by the imagination of their fan base.

Lime Crime’s Velvetine lipsticks come in unexpected colors that have a rich matte finish. The Pink Velvet lipstick is a bright hot pink that looks fun and youthful and appeals to a wide variety of users. If you are looking for a daring new color for fall, try the deep plum Jinx (Witchberry Purple) or Squash (Glowstick Orange). The Velvetine lipsticks come in colors that are eccentric, but the lipstick also feels luxurious. As it is applied the lipstick goes on smoothly as a liquid but dries a creamy rich matte lipstick. If you love the look of matte lips but want a color that is not found at the more conservative department store makeup counter, Lime Crime is an excellent choice to satisfy the look you desire.

Whether you are looking for a makeup line that allows you to create glitter eyes, earthy eyes, glittery lips, matte lips, pastel hued dreamy look or a hard edged vampy look, Lime Crime’s Velventines, Venus: The Grunge Palette, Unicorn Lipstick, Carousel Gloss, Zodiac Glitter and pastel nail colors will inspire. It is funny to think that this makeup brand was born out of one woman’s need to find daring pigmented color to help convey her stage persona. Lime Crime has inspired many fans to break away from a mundane routine and add a bit of color. Life should be vibrant, now your makeup can be too!

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James Dondero, the Man behind Highlands Capital Management

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Imagine for a moment that you are the head of one of the premier investment firms on Earth. Then think about in addition to that awesome responsibility your are also chairperson of the Board of Directors for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank and also a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. You are responsible for over $20 billion in assets you’ve been entrusted with, and the welfare of over 180 employees in far-flung offices in Seoul, Singapore, San Paulo and New York City. As if that were not enough, you still find time for philanthropic works in the areas of education, veteran’s affairs, and public policy.

All of this is just another day in the life of Jim Dondero, a Dallas, TX resident that oversees Highland Capital Management and its affiliated companies. Dondero started Highlands capital with his partner Mark Okada in 1993 and has since grown the company to its current premier tier status in part by creative innovation in the corporate credit markets. The firm has been recognized as CreditFlux and Institutional Investor as being one of the best fund managers for several years. In addition, the Dallas Business Journal named Dondero’s company as one of the best places to work in the Dallas area.

Dondero began his career on after graduating with honors for the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in 1984. His studies focused on accounting and finance and he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Upon graduation, Dondero went to work for Morgan Guaranty as an analyst in their training program. A few years later, he joined American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst, later being promoted to Portfolio Manager. In 1989, Dondero left American Express for the newly created GIC subsidiary of Protective Life where he managed over $2 billion in assets. Together with Mark Okada, Dondero founded Highlands Capital in 1993.

Part of the innovation that Dondero has brought to the credit markets is the concept of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). These CLO’s are essentially a fund of corporate debts that have been selected for their risk and bundled into a single fund. The advantage of these obligations is the mitigation of risk and the regular payments of both interest and principle. These securities have been highly successful in allowing corporations access to the credit they need to grow and fund their current operational needs and provide investors with a relatively safe revenue stream. Under Dondero’s leadership, Highland has placed 39 CLO’s with a value of over $32 billion.

Dondero has also created a number of other investment vehicles for his clients including hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Highland Capital’s clients include pension plans, foundations and endowments, corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals.

Dondero lives in one of the 100 most expensive houses in Dallas. He reportedly has a taste for exotic meats and enjoys rock and roll music, especially that of Stevie Windwood.

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Susan McGalla Professional Leader

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Susan McGalla grew up in Ohio, where her father coached football. She went to college at Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. She studied and received her bachelor degree in marketing and business. McGalla is still an advisor to the college’s Board. Ms. McGalla has always focused on the fact that she is an individual not a gender. Her accomplishments are not based on nor caused by her being a woman. Conversely she accepts that she was battling uphill, but she refuses to focus on that issue. She was raised to be a forthright and confident person. Ms. McGalla is passionate in all of her interests regardless of specified gender roles. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman as well as having a company that consults for many industries. She is an expert consultant and is in charge of Growth and strategic planning for the Steelers. Susan founded P3 an executive consulting firm that helps companies with creative solutions, branding, Merchandise options and developing their organizations. Since it was founded P3 has grown to be a global enterprise. Many insiders go to Ms, McGalla as a source of industry knowledge from her years in retail and business.
At the age of 41 McGalla had become the president and CMO of American Eagle. She had been working for the retailer since 1994. She was always cognizant of her position and actions compared to those of her male coworkers. She helped to guide the company to a more central focus in their merchandise. With a devotion to hard work and results McGalla can show you the steps she has taken to be successful.

Susan P. McGalla gets to the point when asked about how women can get ahead in business. She knows that most information out in the world is too generic to be useful. People have to find what will work for them no matter what their gender is. She wants to provide practical advice when she delivers a speech or gives an interview. Her advice is not how to get ahead as a woman but how to succeed as a professional. A worker must develop themselves to work on a professional footing no matter who they happen to be working with. McGallas gender does not hamper her goals.

McGalla is a driving force in her company she focuses on her commitment to her company and the Steelers. Bringing companies the information and solutions they need for modern and innovative solutions from startup to rebuild she has a knack. She has also surrounded herself with a team that also provides experience, professionalism and tact to handle any client’s situation.
Susan McGalla is on the trustee’s board for Pittsburgh University as well as being on the council of that institutions Cancer institute. At this time she delivers professional insight founded on her experience in the retail and fashion industry. She is also one of the topmost advisers when it comes to marketing plans and corporate Stratagem.

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Advertising Methods in Brazil

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In Brazil advertising is not done that much differently than in the United States although there are some differences. As for online advertising, Brazil is near the top of the list. This is because although a majority of Brazilians have a television, online advertising is the main mode that companies use to promote their services. Of all Latin American countries, Brazil is the nation that spends the most time online. It is for these reasons that online display advertising is becoming popular in Brazil and this is done through banner ads or sidebar ads on Brazilian websites and global sites such as Facebook, UOL,
and Globo, a popular website in Brazil.

The Mobile Market in Brazil

Those interested in marketing to a Brazilian audience need to consider mobile marketing because in 2012 16 million smartphones were purchased by Brazilians. Also keep in mind that when taking advantage of the mobile market in Brazil, Androids are the most popular smartphone in the nation. Brazilians also want free content with their mobile ads. You can also utilize games and apps to promote your products to the mobile market in Brazil.

About Claudio Loureiro

Claudio Loureiro is a Brazilian advertising figure who is the CEO of Heads Propaganda, the biggest advertising agency in Brazil. Claudio has spoken at the TED Curitiba conferences and he is from Curitiba. He has also invested in a few films in recent years. One reason why Loureiro has been so successful in his venture is because manages capital well and he never sticks to just the traditional ways of advertising. He looks out for new ways to do it. Among the companies his firm works with are Volvo and Shop South Federal Savings.

Additional Information On Advertising In Brazil

In Brazil, advertising is not considered a nuisance as it is in the United States; in fact the public enjoys creative forms of advertising. In addition to the previously mentioned online advertising, Brazilian advertising is also done through billboards, TV and radio ads, magazines and especially at sporting events, which offer the most desired advertising space.The history of advertising in Brazil started witth the rise of American advertising subsidiaries in the nation during the early 20th century, and then native advertising agencies took root.

In the mid 80s and early 90s, Brazil had just experienced the end of a longtime military dictatorship that was in existence since 1964 and there was now an open market for the advertising of global brands such as Coke, Pepsi and Sony. In addition to this there arose a demand for high end goods in Brazil and this led to more creative forms of advertising.

In conclusion, Brazilian advertising is getting more innovative each day thanks to advertising geniuses such as Claudio Loureiro and the consistent love of advertising by the Brazilian public.

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Why Women Wear Makeup

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There are numerous reasons why women wear makeup. Some prefer to go light with just eyeliner and a hint of lipstick. Others apply everything from foundation to eye shadow and blush. It is a woman’s personal preference whether she chooses to wear makeup and how much, but the following are the most common reasons for primping in front of the mirror.

Cosmetics enhance a woman’s appearance by accenting her features. Lips, eyes and cheekbones are highlighted the most. Doing so turns even the plainest-looking female into a striking beauty.

Not all faces are perfect and flawless. Wearing makeup hides flaws, blemishes, acne, freckles and circles under the eyes. Uneven skin tones or blotchy skin become smoother after a routine makeup session.

A healthier look is achieved by wearing makeup. Those suffering from various medical ailments that affect their appearance often wear cosmetic products to look better. A woman deprived of sleep for one reason or another will look refreshed and alert after applying makeup.

Older women use cosmetics to look younger and hide signs of aging like wrinkles, lines and liver spots. On the other hand, younger women use them to look older. Many teenagers want to both act and look more like an adult by wearing makeup. Women of all ages use makeup to attract a partner for their life. Although there are men who prefer females who wear little makeup, there is a larger percentage who are drawn to those who use cosmetics to be more appealing.

Wearing cosmetic products also improves a woman’s confidence. She performs better at job interviews, the duties of her chosen occupation and has the motivation for job advancement if available. Wearing makeup makes the female employee both more feminine and more professional looking.

Many wear makeup like they wear accessories with their clothing. The right makeup is the final touch to their choice of fashion especially for social events and special occasions. Looking their best in family photos or other formal pictures is also assisted by wearing the right cosmetics.

Makeup is also fun to put on and wear. It is an art to know how to apply to one’s face to accent their best features. Doing so expresses a woman’s ever-changing personality and mood. Makeup for daytime and work is different from what and how it is applied for nightlife, social or sporting events.

There are numerous cosmetic companies who supply the demand for cosmetics. Some of them market makeup targeted for certain age groups. Other companies, like Lime Crime Makeup, provide a wide selection for all ages. Founder Doe Deere offers makeup that is fun, bold and expressive. Women of all ages can wear the shades she offers and feel good about themselves. They can choose favorite shades of pink and red but are also treated to one-of-a-kind varieties of orange, green, yellow, blue and purple. Doe has made the art of makeup exciting and daring, not routine and boring.

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