George Soros Reignites His Interest in Political Lobbying

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After over a decade away from political lobbying, Mr. Soros is reported to be more politically active over the past one year. His last political contribution where he gave an unprecedented sum amounting to $27 million is believed to be in the 2004 election. His aim was to help John Kerry defeat former President, George W. Bush.

Guilty of being a passionate man, Mr. Soros described overcoming Bush in the 2004 election as “a matter of life and death.” He even compared Bush’ Administration to that of the Nazis, which prompted personal attacks from media outlets as well as Political conservatives. The unsuccessful bid to defeat Bush ate at George Soros and brought the concerns that political financiers had too much influence in politics.

Sources close to the 85-year-old Hungarian-born investor claim his renewed interest in political lobbying is due to his faith in Hillary Clinton as well as his lack of trust in Donald Trump and his misguided philosophy on Forbes. Earlier in the year, Mr. Soros accused presidential aspirant, Donald Trump and Texas senator, Ted Cruz of fear mongering by spreading fear in the US, something he likened to the terrorist group, ISIS.

According to George Soros, ISIS uses ‘fear of death’ as a weapon to destabilize Western Civilizations. He further claimed that that fear pushes people to do irrational things, which tend to be more harmful than helpful. Therefore, he has emerged as a leading funder for Democrats. According to Mr. Soros’ associates and the Federal Election Commission records, George Soros has contributed well over $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic causes.

Mr. Michael Vachon, a political adviser to Mr. Soros, made a statement claiming that political stakes in the coming election were high owing to the hostility and opposition of issues Mr. Soros had supported for years. Mr. Vachon added that issues such as criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms, and religious tolerance are some of the contentious issues causing friction between the Democrats and the Republicans even before Mr. Trump became the Republican nominee.

The huge contribution made by Mr. Soros is seen as a good sign. General belief by the political candidates is that it has the potential to spark more contributions by rich lobbyists on In addition to Mr. Soros’ contribution, other rich liberal donors such as Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner have contributed to Hillary Clinton’s cause

This mobilization of the elite benefactors to Clinton’s campaign has led to a massive financial advantage Trump’s funding committee. This has allowed Clinton and the Democrats to build a political campaign that trashes Trump’s campaign.

During his time away from political involvement, Mr. Soros directed his efforts in his philanthropic duties where he has donated over $13 billion to non-profit organizations over the past three decades. The non-profits he has donated to have objectives close to his heart such as defending human rights, facilitating healthcare and education up to the grassroots level around and shaping democratic processes around the globe.

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The Latino Pop Artist: Norka Luque’s Sound Is Finding Its Way into the American Music Community
Norka Martinez Luque is a pop artist born in Caracas, Venezuela. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamt of making it big in the music industry. Unlike other professional singers who sing for the money, Norka needed to do more than entertain people. She wanted to inspire the people and give them hope through her music.
She had supportive parents who encouraged her to take lessons in piano, voice, ballet, and flamenco lessons. During her time in high school, she took part in several music competitions including the “The Golden Voice” and “School Festival of Gaitas” – Venezuelan folk music competition.

Higher Education and Her Time in France

After completing her high school education, Norka Luque moved to France. Her intention was to pursue higher education. She studied Business Administration (BA) and earned degrees in the Fashion, Culinary Arts, and Marketing.

Besides her academic education, she also managed to continue her music career. She joined a rock band by the name Bad Moon Rising. Her time with the band enabled her to connect with different professionals in the French music community.

Banking Career in Monaco

Norka Luque moved to Monaco after graduating from the French business school. Here she landed a job in the banking sector. After working for some time with the bank, she realized that she was in the wrong profession. This was when she decided to relocate to the United States to pursue music as a profession.

Music in the United States

Norka settled in Miami, Florida (Fort Lauderdale). She knew that she had a better chance of being recognized while here. She started performing in different night clubs in South Beach. Norka Luque took the Miami music scene by storm. Clubbers on South Beach showed her love, and before long she had a handsome and loyal following.

It did not take long before the legendary Emilio Estefan discovered her immense musical talent. He took her under his wing and helped her hone her skill. After several years of hard work, Norka Luque managed to gain the international spotlight. Her single “Milagro,” made her famous. This single conveyed a positive message of hope (everything is possible with determination and hard work) to the public.

Norka Luque intends to change people’s lives through her music. And that is what we have seen in her latest hit “Tomorrowland.” This hit song it is steadily climbing to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts. Norka Luque is active on different social media platforms; connect with her if you want to learn more about her life and career.

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How to Choose a Qualified Event Planner

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Are you gearing up to plan a wedding, or a birthday? Is the thought of planning this event so daunting that it’s time to call some backup? Well, here’s a few simple suggestions to choosing the right event planner for you.

First you must figure out the objective of the event and what role the event planner will play in the whole process. What is goal of the event/celebration and what will the event planner do for you to make this possible? If you know what you want from the planner, then there will be less miscommunication and things will run more smoothly.

Next, come up with a reasonable budget. This way you know the reality of what things really cost. Most people expect they will get every luxury available, when in reality, they can’t afford all of it.

When looking for a qualified event planner, do your research! You can talk peers in the the industry like professional affiliations, or meet with hotels and the local chamber of commerce to find out how reputable and professional a planner is. Getting an educated opinion in this matter usually is better than asking someone who knows nothing about it.

After you talk to people who know the event planning business you can interview multiple event planners, so you can see who best fits your needs. Once you choose the right event planner, let them know the details of your event. If it’s possible, meet your planner in person. This way you can get a feel for them, something you cannot get over an email.

Another important step in finding the right event planner is checking their references. You don’t want to hire someone who lied about their qualification do you?

Now that you have chosen your event planner, see what they envision for your special event. Does it coincide with what you want? This should include a detailed budget of every expense, including fees, deposits, etc.

Don’t leave every detail to the planner, get involved! This way you can confirm what’s happening and not be disappointed with the results. If it’s not working out you can give them the boot. If they are not communicating with you and you’re not happy with their work, you can let them go. There are plenty more planners out there that are just as qualified. Don’t settle!

If you’re looking for an event planning company in New York, Twenty Three Layers has an array of services that can cater to your needs. Whether it’s what flowers you want to showcase at your wedding, or what food you want to serve at a birthday party, Twenty Three Layers can accommodate your special occasion.

As far as event planners in New York Twenty Three Layers has an exceptional eye for detail and will not stop until you get the event of your dreams! They take the worry out of planning any event so you can enjoy your joyous occasion.

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Why Labaton Sucharow’s Clients are Winning Huge SEC Whistleblower Awards

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Labaton Sucharow has carved a niche for itself by having one of the most comprehensive SEC Whistleblower programs in the U.S. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission awarded over 17 million dollars to an informant who was represented by Labaton Sucharow. This represents the second biggest grant awarded to a whistleblower by the SEC. The award is currently in its sixth year and recognizes whistleblowers whose actions lead to fruitful prosecution.

Whistleblowers stand to receive between ten and thirty percent of any monies recovered. In this case, the client furnished the SEC with detailed information, which helped unearth massive corruption at a major financial services firm. The whistleblower chose to report anonymously to avoid getting blacklisted. Normally, the Securities and Exchange Commission does not make disclosures concerning specific cases, and the role played by the informants. This helps conceal their identities.

Courageous Whistleblowing

In the past, potential whistleblowers opted to remain silence for fear of being victimized. However, the enactment of the SEC whistleblower attorney program signals the advent of courageous whistleblowing. There are provisions for financial rewards, anonymous reporting, and protection from any form of retaliation. Hopefully, these incentives will spur more insiders to come out and make revelations about fraud in the financial services industry.

Labaton Sucharow’s head of whistleblower representation, Jordan A. Thomas asserts that it takes courage for one to report fraud. He further points out that his client came out at a time when many insiders are turning a deaf ear on financial fraud. Thomas is a renowned SEC whistleblower lawyer, and has successfully represented tens of clients. SEC recently received a major boost after the Investor Protection Fund was replenished by the Congress to a tune of 400 million dollars. This will help provide all the necessary funds.

Labaton Sucharow in Brief

The firm has established itself in the legal field by offering unequaled representation to its clients. It mainly represents institutional investors and private businesses in complex business and securities lawsuits. Labaton Sucharow gained prominence after being the first American legal firm to establish a whistleblower protection program.

The whistleblower attorney program has been hugely successful. This success has been based on the firm’s comprehensive securities litigation program. It boasts the services of in-house financial analysts, forensic accountants, legal practitioners, and investigators. Since its formation over 50 years ago, Labaton Sucharow has been consistently profiled by notable legal publications such as The Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, Benchmark Litigation, and The National Law Journal’s Plaintiff’s Hot List.

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Doe Deere: On Making Your Dreams Come True

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Most people associate Doe Deere with the brightly colored hair she favors and the bold colors of her make-up line, the recognizable Lime Crime. But most people aren’t familiar with how she got started in such a tough business and how she managed to make it to the top.

Deere is known as the “Queen of Unicorns” in the business and has become quite an unusual success story in the cosmetic world. She is always willing to share her story as an example to let others know that they can do anything too.

Deere was actually born in Russia. Perhaps she was always meant to be a businesswoman because at 13 years old she started her first business, selling temporary tattoos. She relocated with her family to the states when she was only 17 years old. Her creativity wasn’t always understood and she was thought to be a little odd. She discovered a love for music and thought that was where her path would take her. Music helped her to understand marketing and other aspects of business that would become very important to her later.

Deere initially lived in Brooklyn and Manhattan and she continued to perform on the music scene with a band. That experience paid off in a big way because while in the band she fell in love and met her husband. She says while performing and promoting the band that the couple realized that they worked together incredibly well. She also says she learned all kinds of things and that all of those experiences helped her become the successful businesswoman she is today.

Deere says to follow your heart if you want your dreams to come true. Sometimes when you make brave decisions they definitely pay off. She says her motto is “go where you love” and that its one she’s always followed herself. If she hadn’t believed in herself Lime Crime would have never existed.

She has always favored bright, bold colors and says when she looked at the make-up world beige and muted colors ruled the market. She bravely decided to do something out of ordinary and take her own advice and followed her heart. Early on she realized that there were a lot of other girls who were looking for something different too. The next time you see someone with green lips, orange hair and yellow eye shadow, they are most certainly a customer of Doe Deere.

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Josh Verne Gives Insights on How to Succeed in Life and Business

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Josh Verne is an entrepreneur, founder and the CEO of Verne is the founder and the former chief executive officer of in 2011, an e-commerce platform that allowed individuals purchase necessities and make payments by installments. Verne has over 20 years of experience in starting, growing, and selling businesses. After completing high school, he began working at Home Line Furniture in 1995, and he climbed the ranks to the company’s president position in 2013. He grew the company into one of the leading wholesale suppliers of the home furnishings in the United States.

Josh Verne shares some insights on how to succeed in life and business in an article published in the He says that the key to being successful is being a leader and not a boss. The difference is that a boss demands respect and impose his rules on the people while a leader earns respect and uses it to meet the objectives that the team set together. Developing a win -win situation between two parties serves the greater purpose of growing the businesses.

Verne also encourages people to listen more and speak less, which earn them more respect and authority among the people. Creating room for self-improvement, balancing all aspects of life and developing meaningful relationships with the people is a path towards success. Finally, following your passion is the key to achieving success, the excitement of doing what one loves is likely to yield great results.

Josh Verne founded with the aim of creating a platform for the college students to share content. They cover different opinions, news, and trending information ranging from sports to exams. The students also watch, read, watch videos, and share any other entertaining content with the other peers. They create the content themselves, and this makes their life out of the class fun and exciting. helps college students in marketing their content and provides a platform for them to collaborate with the brands that interest them.

Josh Verne ( together with Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas founded in 2012. It started with the aim of providing financing to individuals with an agreement to make payments later in installments through the bank account or payroll deductions. Global Analytics purchased with the aim of combining its expertise in logistics, procurement and merchandising with their experience in the lending, payments, and underwriting. Acquiring enabled the customers without the access to credit purchase products at standard market prices.

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Goettl Increases HVAC Service To The Las Vegas Valley

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The 2007 recession saw Goettl, under its previous ownership, depart the Las Vegas Valley area as an HVAC service provider, but I have been happy with the recent return to the area by Goettl under the leadership of owner Ken Goodrich. I have been waiting eagerly for Goettl to return to this area of Southern Nevada to help provide a boost to the economy and provide loyal Goettl customers like myself with the services we have always valued; Goettl’s recent purchase of the Moore Air Conditioning brand makes me even happier as I know the technicians of Moore have recent experience of working in and around the Las Vegas region.

Like myself, Ken Goodrich believes Goettl should always be providing services for HVAC customers in Las Vegas and across the states of Nevada and Arizona. I have been impressed with the choices made by Ken Goodrich and his vision for the future of the brand, which he hopes will see the business of Goettl grow by 50 percent over the coming year, and will see a further 100 technicians added to the brand over 2017.

Goettl has always been at the forefront of the use and development of the latest technologies from the time when the Goettl brothers moved to Arizona and established the HVAC brand. The Goettl brothers arrived at a time when air conditioning was not prevalent and residents would sleep under damp sheets to remain cool during the warm summer months.

I am happy this commitment to the latest technologies has been extended by ken Goodrich through his partnership with the College of Southern Nevada where a state of the art lab has been developed with personal sponsorship from the Goettl owner. I am also pleased to see Ken Goodrich hopes to bring the majority of future technicians to Goettl from the College of Southern Nevada to provide employment for local people.

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Town Residential; the Leading Real Estate Firm in New York

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Town Residential is a privately held real estate firm that was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. The company offers services on real estate and estate development in New York. The founder, Andrew Heiberger is an established businessperson who founded Citi Habitats that was later acquired by NRT.

New York is amongst the busiest places in the world with many multinational ventures operated from its cities. As a result, finding suitable commercial premises or residential houses to rent or buy can be quite challenging. That notwithstanding, it is possible for one to find a home in New York that would suit his or her needs.

For people looking to settle in New York or those looking to move houses within the cities, it is important to contract a reputable real estate firm if they are to do so and avoid the stress that often accompanies the exercise.

Town Residential has been operating in the real estate industry for almost six years. They offer real estate services like sales, marketing of a property, and property development. The services are provided by a highly professional team that is led by a visionary leader who is dedicated to connecting the firm’s clients with excellent residential homes.

For customers who are looking for property to buy, Town Residential will provide them with professional assistance concerning the market trends in New York. The firm will also expose them to a wide range of properties to choose from and will work to ensure that the properties listed will match closely with the unique needs of the buyer. The firm’s employees are always ready to guide the customers through the buying process to facilitate a stress-free transaction.

On the other hand, clients who are selling properties benefit from Town Residential’s services that include price comparisons and linking them with prospective buyers. The firm also renovates the properties on sale to make them attractive to buyers.

Before selling a property, Town Residential advertises it to reach as many potential customers as possible from different parts of New York and across the country. They also showcase the property to prospective buyers on their clients’ behalf. Subsequently, sellers are free to sit back and relax since Town Residential takes over the process and drives it as it were theirs.

By remaining committed to quality services, Town Residential has grown to become a principal real estate service provider in New York. They have established invaluable links between property sellers and property buyers that make their operations dependable to all the parties involved.

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Avi Weisfogel is working hard on Sleep Apnea

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Avi Weisfogel is often referred to as a modern day renaissance man. This dentist has changed patients lives, while also helping raise money for charity and develop a music career. Avi is constantly working to build a brighter future for himself and everyone else and recently he helped make some major breakthroughs in Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous disease that has plagued people throughout the country for years. Over the last decade, the destructive impact of Sleep Apnea has become increasingly clear to medical professionals. Sleep Apnea is strongly correlated to other major diseases including stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. These correlations have encouraged medical professionals to dedicate time and energy to stop Sleep Apnea. One of the leading researchers in the field is Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Avi Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Matters to look at the dental side of sleep apnea issues. His deep background in sleep disorders has helped to advance the industry. Avi knows that 90% of people that have sleep apnea have not even been diagnosed, and he wants to shine a light on the issue. Dental Sleep Matters looks to treat the whole patient by including dentists and other doctors into the patient’s treatment.

Dentists get very close to their patient’s throat and mouth and thus often are the first to notice any issues that might be caused by Sleep Apnea. By sharing information with doctor’s dentists can help save lives. Avi is also working with several companies that are working to develop dental solutions to Sleep Apnea. Avi sees Sleep Apnea as a major area of growth for dentists around the world, but he also wants to do the right thing for his patients. Happier and healthier people is better for the world, and that should be the ultimate goal of any doctor.

While Avi has spent many years working on Dental Sleep Matters, it has not distracted him from other goals. Avi is still treating his normal patients and he is working on his music. Avi wants to be remembered for everything he does and he puts great effort into each task.

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Adam Goldenberg’s Steps to JustFab

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Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO of JustFab is more than a name in fashion. Goldenberg became a well-known name in technology and business in his early teen years. He sold his very first business before he graduated high school, not knowing that it would lead to millions of dollars worth of opportunities later in life. When Goldenberg met his business partner Don Ressler in 2006, he had no idea that what they could build together was fashionable as well as profitable. It was in 2010 that the two partners founded JustFab, a membership-based site for selling shoes and accessories.

JustFab also carried what is known as sub-brands, or rather brands that are marketed to different target markets. Celebrities have been chosen by Adam Goldenberg and Ressler’s team in an attempt to draw those with similar tastes to their marketplace. The model of using celebrities to help customize fashion on has grown more popular over the last 5 years with the help of JustFab. Additionally, the show TechStyle was helpful in giving this company press to show the hard work put into this venture by the two founders as well as their teams of marketing genius.

While TechStyle was the new name for JustFab, it was giving the business an opportunity to thrive with the continuous evolvement of e-commerce. JustFab was founded in 2010, and it was later in 2013 that the two men founded Fabletics. This new endeavor was to mirror JustFab, but it was to appeal to those who were living the fitness lifestyle on The athletic online retailer gained notoriety for the comfortable style and affordable prices offered, but the spokesperson wouldn’t come without a high price tag. Kate Hudson has helped the brand to thrive from day one, while showing off the various options available for fitness wear.

Membership is the basis for JustFab as well as Fabletics, which helps the shopper get a more custom experience. When shoppers complete a survey, they are given the opportunity to fill in their preferences for what they would like to see in fashion according to Goldenberg. This gives the shopper a custom experience and the feel of a VIP. One of the unique features of this membership site is that if a user chooses not to use the site, they won’t be charged for that month.

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