Doe Deere Advertises Through Social Media and Saves a Ton

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If there is one thing that Doe Deere knows, it is marketing. She has managed to build a brand that is very important to so many preteens, teenagers and young adults. There are millions of people that are following Doe Deere online. They are able to see the new brands of lipstick from her Lime Crime brand, and this is the way that she reaches all of her customers.

Doe Deere is someone that recognizes a good thing when she sees it. There are a lot of ways to promote the Lime Crime brand, but she seems to get the value that comes with promoting online. She discovered this fair early, and she continued to use this avenue. While other companies are struggling to tweak their marketing budgets, Doe Deere has discovered a way to get many people to connect to the brand for free.

There are a lot of other companies in the cosmetics arena that are still trying to utilize print media and television ads to get to customers. By using Instagram Doe Deere has become someone that has skipped all of the premium methods for advertising her Lime Crime brand. She is so smart because she has managed to build a brand that is advertised freely by other customers to connect and see these pictures about the various colors. Most of the people that see these colors on the Doe Deere or Lime Crime Instagram pages will rely this information to their friends. More than 2 million users will ultimately get to see people wear colors and talk about products from Lime Crime, and Doe Deere doesn’t have to spend a dime to do it.

What Doe Deere has done is get her mind wrapped around the ways to market the brand without spending a fortune on competing with other brands like Revlon. These are companies that may have the money to spend on marketing for cosmetics, but Lime Crime is a smaller company.

Doe Deere has not been in the cosmetics industry as long as some of these other powerhouse companies. That means that has to fight harder to get the recognition that the Lime Crime brand deserves. Fortunately, she has found a way to do this without jeopardizing the revenues for this company. Doe Deere has utilized social media in a way that many other cosmetic company leaders would like to duplicate for marketing products.

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Beauty for All Seasons

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For some people, it is important to have beauty for all seasons of the year. There are plenty of products and styles that one could come up with in order to maintain a standard of beauty no matter what the temperature is. However, there is one thing that people need to understand when it comes to style and beauty. It is all about how the person feels more than the look. If the person is satisfied with how she looks, then she is more likely to find people who like her the way she is. It is about being able to express one’s own sense of beaut with all of the beauty products that are available for any season.

One person who exemplifies self expression is Wengie. Wengie has a lot of advice for people who are looking to update their style. She is not only knowledgeable about the established standards of beauty for a multitude of cultures, but she is also willing to break the rules of fashion in order to bring forth new looks and explore her artistic side. This also allows and encourages people to look for other forms of style that they could use.

Wengie has gained a lot of followers and subscribers because of her marketing skills and friendly personality. She has gone on interviews and talked with many people about her views on beauty and how she has gotten her start in makeup, fashion and style. Her YouTube page is filled with videos that show her different hair styles and colors. She also talks about how to consume healthy foods because that is a large part of beauty and style. When people can maintain a good complexion, they can more easily bring about their best looks. Wengie inspires people to find a look that they can be satisfied with.

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Kyle Bass Discourages Investors from Putting their Money in China

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Kyle Bass has reiterated that it is not wise for investors to invest in the Chinese economy because its banking system is seriously vulnerable. Bass said that common sense should dictate people’s actions when choosing to invest in China.

Bass expressed confidence that China will experience a loss cycle that will be caused by their highly indebted banking system. He was speaking in Beverly Hills, California, at the prestigious Milken Institute Global Conference that was held in the city. He added that if people really reflected about how vulnerable the Chinese banking system is currently, then they would not consider investing their money in the Asian economy.

The Hedge fund manager from Dallas, Texas, is famed for accurately betting against subprime mortgages in the United States back in 2008. Recently, Bass has been predicting massive losses for Chinese banks. Furthermore, he has started raising money that will be used to establish a fund dedicated for taking bets in China. He said that investors who are currently putting their money in China should be ready for up to 40 percent of write-downs in their investments.

Questionable Investments by Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass started Hayman Capital Investment located in Dallas, Texas, in 2006. Bass used his firm to bet against the massive US subprime mortgages in 2008 and pocketed $500 million. However, despite his huge success, Bass has also made several questionable investments in his career. Bass was linked to former Argentine President Kirchner and vehemently supported her even when her public image flunked and economic policies failed.

Bass had invested in General Motors stock when the firm came under fire for allegedly releasing faulty cars to the market. The cars from GM had non-deploying airbags. They also had bad power steering systems. After the cars caused the deaths of several people, Bass saw it fit to allege on live TV that the victims were at fault for drunk driving and failure to wear seatbelts. This was in a bid to support his investment in the company.

Bass was involved in a scheme that sought to devalue the stock of top pharmaceutical firms. The scheme sought to attack the patents of selected companies and then profit from short selling their stock. He had teamed up with infamous patent troll Erich Spangenberg. Together, the two used a front organization called Coalition for Affordable Drugs to challenge various selected patents. This forced the price of the company stock to plummet.

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How To Do Athleisure All Day Every Day

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It’s impossible to call athleisure a trend since any style that is both practical and comfortable is here to stay. If you’re fortunate, you can wear athleisure all day, every day, however, there are times when yoga pants are not appropriate. Vogue says the key to wearing athletic wear on when you’re not working out is to buy high quality pieces made from performance fabrics. Cheap athleisure clothing is frequently too sheer and cheap yoga pants show where you have any cellulite on your body. Performance fabrics dry quickly and prevent odor if you are going to work out or you simply have a hectic day planned.
Read more:
Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night
Fabletics on Pinterest

High quality athleisure clothes are expensive, but Fabletics is changing the way women buy tanks, sports bras and yoga pants. The online retailer of Fabletics has a VIP club that allows members to get a specially selected outfit each month under $50 with free shipping. These are $100 outfits, and members can always pass on the pre-selected outfit. If you pass on the outfit, your account is credited with $49.95, which you can use to buy any other of the items on the website. It’s the ideal way to get trendy, great quality athleisure outfits at an affordable price. If you want to make athleisure your everyday style, Fabletics is perfect for keeping you in style, and very comfortable. The first outfit is only $25 and you can cancel your membership at any time.

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Surgeon of Beauty

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When you hear of plastic surgeons one of the first names that should pop in your head is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She was born in Austin Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and then was later accepted to medical school where she chose the plastic surgeon career.

Jennifer claims that her success comes from her highly supportive family to help her out every step of the way. Everyone in her family is a huge success in their own professions and says that was a big inspiration that drove her. In her family education and achievements are highly valued in their family and what drives them all to succeed.

Following her success she was named one of 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She even moved away from home to train with some of the best plastic surgeons in New York and establishing her own business in Manhattan. One of her biggest achievements is being one of the only females on the board directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or ASAPS for short. As well as she appeared in many national televisions programs and other prominent magazines.

She now resides as a surgeon at Westlake Medical Center in West Lake Hills, Texas were she claims it to be ‘a surgeon’s dream’ since she has her own office with her own operating room just 15 feet away. Also she is now happily married and has twin boys Houston and Rex. But even with her full life and always being constantly busy she never seems busy or rushed. She is always calm, cool, and collected. And others say she is the easiest person to talk to and a joy at all times.

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Lime Crime: The Brand Empowering Women

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Donned the ‘makeup for unicorns, Lime Crime is a brand founded by Dee Deere in 2008. Deere was born in Russia, but raised in the one and only New York City. Designed to help women freely express themselves via their appearance, the Lime Crime lineup features bold, daring, and sometimes out of the ordinary colors with choices in lips, eyes, nails, and face available.

Each and every piece of makeup created by Lime Crime is 100% vegan. Not only will you look your best with Lime Crime, you also get the satisfaction of knowing the makeup isn’t tested on animals and the freedom of knowing there are no products inside that might harm your skin.

You’ll also feel good knowing that every makeup purchase made from Lime Crime results in a donation being made to one of several charities Deere proudly supports. This includes organizations representing animal rights, women rights, and many others.

Lime Crime is not for the ordinary woman, as @limecrimemakeup makes a point of showing. It is anything but shy. It is for the woman with a statement to make; the woman who isn’t afraid to step out of the realms of norm and do what she wants to do. Lime Crime is the black sheep of the makeup family and proudly stands by that claim to fame.

If you are searching for high-quality, on -the- cutting- edge makeup, Lime Crime is the brand to add to your collection. But, if you want a brand that is young and fresh, inspiring and meaningful, you’ll never again want to wear a brand other than Lime Crime. Changing women’s lives; one lipstick at a time.  Visit Amazon to buy Velvetines, or they can be purchased in person from any UrbanOutfitters location.

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Coriant’s Full History

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Technology is always evolving and changing, that much is a fact of life. As long as this reigns true, businesses and corporations will continue to evolve alongside technology and companies such as Coriant are fully aware of this.

Coriant is a telecommunications company in the telecom industry that was founded in 2013, when it was originally a part of the Nokia Siemens Networks, which in turn was under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. By the spring of 2013, the management declared Coriant to be an independent entity of its own and recently there was a move to merge Marlin Equity with Tellab, with the new product operating under the name of Coriant.

Running the business of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir, the CEO of the company. Shaygan Kheradpir was recently awarded the leading role after spending a large portion of his time working closely with the vendors who operate around the company. As CEO, he replaces Pat DiPietro, the former CEO who now works as the vice chairman for Coriant. Kheradpir is originally a London native who grew up in Iran and moved to the United States to pursue an education at Cornell University. He earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in the field of electrical engineering.

Upon ending his college career, Kheradpir took his first job at GTE Laboratories, working as a network and routing manager for the company. His work led to him becoming the chief information officer (CIO) of GTE, which served him well once the company merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon in 2000. He remained CIO at Verizon and was responsible for creating small teams that would be tasked with developing new ideas to market for the company. Some claims to fame he was behind include reducing the necessary information technology budget and staff.

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Impact of Ecuador’s Earthquake on Its Economy

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Investment bankers from around the globe are trying to access the economic impact of the massive earthquake in Ecuador that killed at least 350 people. The earthquake could not have come at a worse time for the country’s economy as plummeting oil prices had already forced President Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado to cut his country’s budget twice already this year. The government receives about 50 percent of its income through oil exports while the country receives about 40 percent of its gross domestic product from oil exported to the United States, Panama, Peru and Italy. While the largest petroleum refinery, Esmeraldas, was closed, it does not appear to have suffered major damage and may be able to reopen shortly.

The remainder of Ecuador’s exports come largely through comes largely agricultural products including bananas, cut flowers and shrimp. The quake destroyed may have done damage to the largest port in the country located in Guayaquil. The airport in that city was immediately closed because of lack of communication while the airport in Manta was closed when the control tower collapsed. Therefore, getting agricultural products out of the country will be extremely difficult for a long time further hurting the country’s economy.

When disaster strikes, Martin Lustgarten feels extremely sorry for the people involved, especially those who lost loved ones in this disaster. As an investment banker with over 20 years experience, Martin stresses that investors can never predict where these events will occur next. He says that countries who have problems with their economies already often have a much harder time recovering over the long term.

Martin Lustgarten ( also stresses that is why investors should not isolate their investments to just one area of the globe. When an investor does, he leaves himself open to devastation that is beyond the control of people. Martin’s experience and contacts allows him to educate investors on global investments that fit in with a person’s individual level of comfort and trading strategy. Find him on Tumblr to see what he’s into lately.

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White Shark is well-known in the image creating world. In fact, White Shark Media is credited for giving many companies the platform they need to become better. White Shark has helped many companies go from a mediocre image and very few clients to having the whole world at their feet.

It’s quite a remarkable trait and accomplishment, considering there are lots of companies who rise and fall very quickly these days. White Shark has really done their best to make sure their clients are happy and satisfied.


TOPSEOs reported that unfortunately, when you are one of the best in the image and branding world, you will also get the criticism for this too. Your image is everything when you give others the same service. As White Shark Media is finding out, there is no middle ground here.

Is the criticism warranted though?

“In our line of work, you have to take the good with the bad. Yes, there are times when the harsh criticism is actually worth it. It forces us to take a look at something that we may not be doing right for our customers. Image is everything. What we try to do is take something from each review and learn from it”.

“As I said, some complaints are very valid. Some adjustments need to be done so that are sort of branding can help others out more effectively. There is what we call “constructive criticism”. There is such as thing as “criticizing for the sake of criticizing”. What we do is try to sort those 2 idealogies out. Once we do, we have a better feel for how to help out our clients more effectively”.

We wanted to go a bit further with White Shark Media on this subject. We want to find out if there is a way to know which clients are your true, blue loyal clients and which ones are just there to start something.

“Actually, yes there is a way to tell. As we get to know our clients and get a feel for what sort of image branding their company needs, we can tell where their true intentions lie. We just take it from there”.

But what happens when you read a complaint from a client that you thought you were on the same page with?

“Once we see or hear something that speaks on the contrary, we try to reach out this customer, even if it means that our team does it for us. We try to find out what happened. Sometimes it’s not even us. Sometimes the client just has a change of heart. When this happens, it really doesn’t have anything to do with us personally. It has more to do with them as a company and their mindset. That is where the difference lies”.

If you are need of White Shark’s services, than please go to their site online. Remember, it’s better to see what they can do for you first, before you make any personal judgments.


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Fabletics Is Combining The Best Of Both Fashion Worlds

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As the years change so does people’s choices in fashion. For a long time, it seemed that it was only acceptable to be out in public when one was dressed in workplace casual clothing such as dresses, skirts, and a nice blouse. Gone are those days, and people now dress however they feel. Everyone has different styles on but if you look around there’s one thing that seems to be a constant trend. That is the fact that people are dressing in a more relaxed style such as leggings and t-shirts.

According to a recent article on, more people are incorporating a laid back style into their wardrobe. There is even a name for it. It’s called athleisure. A lot of people are buying into it. It’s a way to stay comfortable in your clothing while still looking good. Athleisure is a broad type of clothing. It is basically taking athletic clothing and pieces that people would wear to the gym, and turning them into a fashion statement. People are sporting sneakers with dresses. People are wearing yoga pants with their everyday shirts, blouses, and sweaters.

With this new trend going around, it’s the perfect time for websites that specialize in this to startup. That’s why Fabletics on wikipedia has seen an immense amount of success. Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s website that specializes in cute yet affordable clothing. There is a wide away of fits, styles, and sizes when it comes to yoga pants, shirts, sports bras, and so much more. The clothing is stylish enough that they don’t have to just be warn in the gym or during in home workouts. They can be flaunted all around town because they fit perfectly in with that athleisure style.

Fabletics operates off a subscription based model where people can signup to receive clothing each month. Once they decide on a style they like, they can continue to order it. Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady is also opening up more brick and mortar stores. This will make it easy for people to find what best works for them. Overall, Fabletics is changing the game by combining comfort and style.

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