Town Residential; the Leading Real Estate Firm in New York

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Town Residential is a privately held real estate firm that was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. The company offers services on real estate and estate development in New York. The founder, Andrew Heiberger is an established businessperson who founded Citi Habitats that was later acquired by NRT.

New York is amongst the busiest places in the world with many multinational ventures operated from its cities. As a result, finding suitable commercial premises or residential houses to rent or buy can be quite challenging. That notwithstanding, it is possible for one to find a home in New York that would suit his or her needs.

For people looking to settle in New York or those looking to move houses within the cities, it is important to contract a reputable real estate firm if they are to do so and avoid the stress that often accompanies the exercise.

Town Residential has been operating in the real estate industry for almost six years. They offer real estate services like sales, marketing of a property, and property development. The services are provided by a highly professional team that is led by a visionary leader who is dedicated to connecting the firm’s clients with excellent residential homes.

For customers who are looking for property to buy, Town Residential will provide them with professional assistance concerning the market trends in New York. The firm will also expose them to a wide range of properties to choose from and will work to ensure that the properties listed will match closely with the unique needs of the buyer. The firm’s employees are always ready to guide the customers through the buying process to facilitate a stress-free transaction.

On the other hand, clients who are selling properties benefit from Town Residential’s services that include price comparisons and linking them with prospective buyers. The firm also renovates the properties on sale to make them attractive to buyers.

Before selling a property, Town Residential advertises it to reach as many potential customers as possible from different parts of New York and across the country. They also showcase the property to prospective buyers on their clients’ behalf. Subsequently, sellers are free to sit back and relax since Town Residential takes over the process and drives it as it were theirs.

By remaining committed to quality services, Town Residential has grown to become a principal real estate service provider in New York. They have established invaluable links between property sellers and property buyers that make their operations dependable to all the parties involved.

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Avi Weisfogel is working hard on Sleep Apnea

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Avi Weisfogel is often referred to as a modern day renaissance man. This dentist has changed patients lives, while also helping raise money for charity and develop a music career. Avi is constantly working to build a brighter future for himself and everyone else and recently he helped make some major breakthroughs in Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous disease that has plagued people throughout the country for years. Over the last decade, the destructive impact of Sleep Apnea has become increasingly clear to medical professionals. Sleep Apnea is strongly correlated to other major diseases including stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. These correlations have encouraged medical professionals to dedicate time and energy to stop Sleep Apnea. One of the leading researchers in the field is Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Avi Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Matters to look at the dental side of sleep apnea issues. His deep background in sleep disorders has helped to advance the industry. Avi knows that 90% of people that have sleep apnea have not even been diagnosed, and he wants to shine a light on the issue. Dental Sleep Matters looks to treat the whole patient by including dentists and other doctors into the patient’s treatment.

Dentists get very close to their patient’s throat and mouth and thus often are the first to notice any issues that might be caused by Sleep Apnea. By sharing information with doctor’s dentists can help save lives. Avi is also working with several companies that are working to develop dental solutions to Sleep Apnea. Avi sees Sleep Apnea as a major area of growth for dentists around the world, but he also wants to do the right thing for his patients. Happier and healthier people is better for the world, and that should be the ultimate goal of any doctor.

While Avi has spent many years working on Dental Sleep Matters, it has not distracted him from other goals. Avi is still treating his normal patients and he is working on his music. Avi wants to be remembered for everything he does and he puts great effort into each task.

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Adam Goldenberg’s Steps to JustFab

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Adam Goldenberg, co-CEO of JustFab is more than a name in fashion. Goldenberg became a well-known name in technology and business in his early teen years. He sold his very first business before he graduated high school, not knowing that it would lead to millions of dollars worth of opportunities later in life. When Goldenberg met his business partner Don Ressler in 2006, he had no idea that what they could build together was fashionable as well as profitable. It was in 2010 that the two partners founded JustFab, a membership-based site for selling shoes and accessories.

JustFab also carried what is known as sub-brands, or rather brands that are marketed to different target markets. Celebrities have been chosen by Adam Goldenberg and Ressler’s team in an attempt to draw those with similar tastes to their marketplace. The model of using celebrities to help customize fashion on has grown more popular over the last 5 years with the help of JustFab. Additionally, the show TechStyle was helpful in giving this company press to show the hard work put into this venture by the two founders as well as their teams of marketing genius.

While TechStyle was the new name for JustFab, it was giving the business an opportunity to thrive with the continuous evolvement of e-commerce. JustFab was founded in 2010, and it was later in 2013 that the two men founded Fabletics. This new endeavor was to mirror JustFab, but it was to appeal to those who were living the fitness lifestyle on The athletic online retailer gained notoriety for the comfortable style and affordable prices offered, but the spokesperson wouldn’t come without a high price tag. Kate Hudson has helped the brand to thrive from day one, while showing off the various options available for fitness wear.

Membership is the basis for JustFab as well as Fabletics, which helps the shopper get a more custom experience. When shoppers complete a survey, they are given the opportunity to fill in their preferences for what they would like to see in fashion according to Goldenberg. This gives the shopper a custom experience and the feel of a VIP. One of the unique features of this membership site is that if a user chooses not to use the site, they won’t be charged for that month.

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The fast Growing Financial Solutions Provider…

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NexBank Capital, Inc., a Dallas in March 2016 reported a robust amalgamated fiscal outcomes for the last quarter and full year of 2015. For the last four years,NexBank has recorded high levels of earnings, assets, loans and deposits.

In comparison to net income of $25.6 million and ROAE of 23% for 2014, the income for 2015 Return on Average Equity (ROAE) grew to 35 % and reaching the $53.2 million mark. The last quarter’s net income was increased to $16.2 million and ROAE was 37% compared to $10.2 million and 33%, respectively, for the same time in 2014.

The Company’s total assets of $2.72 billion at year-end were reported. An increase of 48% from the previous year. Total loans shot up to 42% in 2015 raking in$1.97 billion. Deposits in total increased to 32% year-over-year to reach the $1.88 billion figure.

A leading regional bank, NexBank SSB added to the Company’s progress in business while preserving its financial status. As at December 31, 2015, the Bank’s Tier 1 influence percentage and total risk-based investment ratio stood at 9.34% and 13.52%, respectively.

Matt Siekielski, President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital, Inc. confirmed that the outcomes are as a result of NexBank’s well-organized and lucrative business platform. He reaffirmed NexBank steadfastness in remaining attentive to the established client base and further development of other markets in the US. The strategic positioning ensures that opportunities that increase and back the product offering are seized.

 NexBank SSB acquired College Savings Bank on November 30, 2015, as part of its long-term subsidy strategy. The additional source of income brought diversity and an increase to the income pool of the company.

Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking are the three main business areas of NexBank Capital, Inc., a financial services provider.

Read about Nexbank here:


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Securus Technologies Creates ConnectUs For Online Prison Forms

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There are a lot of forms you have to fill out if you are dealing with someone who is in jail, and you might not even realize how hard they all are to deal with until you are in the middle of it. Your best chance is to make sure that you take a look at Securus like I did because they actually have the ConnectUs forms and their video call service.

It is very easy for you to place calls with Securus because they have an app that I even use to help the kids who have ended up in jail. I call in and talk to them about the things they can change when they get out of the detention center, and I want to show them that someone is not done with them. I just want things to be easier for them.

I have talked to kids about things they need when they are in jail, and one of the things that caught my attention was the fact that I was working with a devote Muslim kid. He wanted to eat halal food to be sure that he was honoring his beliefs, and I filed the complaint form with ConnectUs to see if we could get him the right food.

Securus really has the best way to talk to the jail whether you are talking to a person or the jail. It was a very nice way to get in touch, and I have never had it easier. I have tried to help people before, and I know that I will be able to help them again without any problem. I just keep calling with the Securus app on my phone.

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The Services Provided by IAP Worldwide

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For some of the best and most innovative services in the engineering, technological, as well as communications industry, IAP offers some of the best products and advice that is given in an efficient amount of time as well as in a creative manner on This business has decades of experience as one of the leading companies in innovation and always has some of the most creative solutions to some of the most complex problems. At IAP Worldwide, this company is a true believer that no problem is a one size fits all kind of problem and that each issue needs careful consideration.

IAP Worldwide Services is one of the best companies to use for both temporary as well as for permanent solutions among many different industries. For regions around the world that have been devastated by natural disasters, this business provides temporary relief as well as temporary infrastructure such as medical spots and foot spots in order to keep those that have been affected alive. IAP Worldwide is a business that has been around for decades and is looking for more and more ways to improve the future for every individual around the world. IAP Worldwide is currently looking towards renewable energy as the future for bringing technology such as electricity to even some of the poorest regions. IAP believes that electricity is no longer a luxury, but is a right.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

As a promoter of renewable energy, IAP Worldwide has teamed up with some of the world’s electrical companies to provide the best solutions to even the darkest regions around the world. IAP Worldwide has determined that renewable energy is both reliable and long-lasting which is needed in areas where outlets and plumbing is scarce. Renewable sources such as wind, geothermal, solar, as well as hydro have been proved as some of the most efficient ways to make sure that electricity is available in every home.

IAP Worldwide has decades of experience of consulting some of the top companies as well as some of the most classified government products. IAP Worldwide was even involved in the first manned shuttle launch into outer space and provided much needed engineering insight to the project. As the leading business in technological innovation, IAP Worldwide hopes to continue to hold this reputation for many decades more. IAP Worldwide is truly a company that is looking to help others all over the world in every region despite the poverty.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

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Wengie’s Eye Makeup Magic

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Perhaps, you are one of the billions that visit YouTube. Certainly, the site has numerous channels that talk about beauty. However, one channel that quickly rose to the top is the Wonderful World of Wengie. In fact, this is Australia’s top Asian beauty channel. Wengie shares that she has always had a great passion for fashion and beauty. YouTube provides a platform for her to share all her beauty tips and more. Wengie loves to try new things. Her hope is that the information she shares in her videos will help others make better decisions about the products they buy.


Eye Liner Tips

In this eye liner video, Wengie shares her favorite eye liner application secrets with video viewers. A lot of girls experience tremendous frustration trying to create a certain type of look with eye liner. Certainly, it takes learning the ropes along with a lot of practice to really get the perfect look. However, Wengie makes it seem extremely easy to get several different looks with eye liner. Wengie also shares her favorite makeup to highlight the eyes before applying the liner. This makeup is the base for a really professional eye liner application. Wengie starts off with the first look. This look is called the Down Wing. This is an amazing video. Watch it to learn to apply eye liner in a very professional way. Soon, you’ll start creating wonderful looking eye makeup that looks very sensational.



Wengie is one of the most popular beauty guru’s on YouTube. Her channel has more than two million subscribers. This is absolutely amazing. The reason for the channel’s popularity is very obvious. The videos are high quality and very professional. Her instructions are easy to follow. She is a great person with a very bubbly personality.


Learn more about Wengie:

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Norka Luque Gives Her All

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Norka Luque is a person that has made her mark on the music industry, but she wasn’t always sure that things would work out. Norka had earned other degrees outside of music, but sometimes the yearning to entertain doesn’t go away. She studied fashion and marketing, but this feeling to do music was ever present.

It would be her personality and her true passion for music that would help her gather the confidence that is needed to bring her sound to a mainstream audience. She has been performing, and she has never lost site of where she comes from. This has been the thing that has made her popular with her homeland of Venezuela. This has also made her a hit in the United States as well. She brings something very interesting to the table because she is fresh and well-groomed for a Latina superstar platform.

Emilio Estevan has done a great job of building her up as one of the most exciting new faces in music. She has already performed at a Billboards show and she has gotten she great reviews about her performance. What people will notice more than anything else is that she has a great spirit. This may be the thing that has helped her launch a career in a short amount of time.

People have been feeling what she has been doing, and this has allowed her to expand and reach a lot of audiences. She even reached some people that the average Latin star would not be able to reach. Her songs have been remixed with rap lyrics. Some people that like rap will try her music just because they heard the remix. This is the careful marketing of Norka Luque. She is playing her cards right and reaching a whole
new demographic group. This is what the true artists do. They don’t worry about limiting themselves to a specify genre.

Norka may prove that there is still a chance for Latin music to compete against the mainstream pop culture this year. She has a mighty singing voice, and fans are spreading the word about her upcoming album. She could rest in the fact that she has a Grammy award-winning producer in her corner. She doesn’t depend in this as a only vehicle to success though. Norka knows that this is a field where she has to do her own legwork and promote herself.

Follow Norka on Facebook to learn more about her upcoming shows and music events.

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Twenty Three Layers Plans Parties for a Lifetime of Memories

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Parties are events that are more enjoyable to attend than they are to throw, but professionals want you to know that they not only take care of the tedious tasks affiliated with party planning but that there are tips for making the task easier all around. Now, you might remember Lauren Conrad from her hit reality series, “The Hills,” but this beauty queen is not just designing fashion anymore and is instead throwing parties with her husband, William.

In an interview, Conrad offered some helpful tips for when throwing a party. Her first tip was a stern, “Stop worrying!”Parties are supposed to be fun and far from perfect. In fact, a perfect party makes guests feel uncomfortable and fairly stressed as well, so it is best to ease up. Next, she urged to focus on the foods and items that your guests would enjoy seeing. Finally and above all else, she stressed the importance of having fun yourself!

Though simple, these tips are utilized by party planning companies across the globe. Among the most well-known and spectacular event planners NYC compose the company, Twenty Three Layers. Their meticulous planning focuses on elements that their clients would never dream of and places them with traditional party elements to make for the most unforgettable event of all time.

This event planning company NYC plans everything from first birthday parties to weddings. Their ability to make guests feel as if they are part of the given theme makes them known around the city, while their attention to detail and keen interest in client satisfaction makes them a name that is known throughout North America. Their thinking outside of the box makes an event visually stunning, cohesive with the purpose, and unlike any before or after it. Aside from the detailed decorations, Twenty Three Layers guarantees that even the food will be appropriate for the event and surely will have guests flocking to the assigned table. Conclusively, this company thinks of everything and greatly reduces the stress associated with party planning.

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The Lovaganza Foundation: Investing in Humanity And The Protection of Human Rights

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is an international entertainment brand that is also focused on enhancing humanitarianism through several missions championed by the Lovaganza Organization. One of the main issues given priority in the mission is human rights and ensuring children are protected from extreme conditions that may put their lives to risks.

Reminiscent of world’s fairs and the Cinerama, Lovaganza is drawing inspiration from the past, the present and the future of human life across the world. The organization explores different cultures and helps different people to understand each other in a bid to enhance unity and tolerance among communities. This resolve has been passed through entertainment, which is something many people can identify with across the world.

The Lovaganza organization on Facebook brings information about ancient history and helps people to connect with their past through presentations that spark nostalgia. The heart of the organization beats timeless music and dances from various parts of the world, with sufficient soul feasting words and wisdom from ancient scripts and literature.

To help understand different cultures better, the organization has been organizing tours across different nations, which have included performances and recordings that involve civilians from the places they visit. In 2015, the Lovaganza convoy visited studios in Mumbai, India, and launched tours across the country thereafter.

The contribution of the Lovaganza Foundation
The Lovaganza Foundation is aimed at achieving universal quality life for every child before 2035. The organization is inspired by the need to offer quality healthcare and opportunities that cater for the needs of children aged below 15 years. To achieve this goal, the organization will first identify and propose common goals that will help it to achieve the set milestone through the assistance of kindred foundations and organizations that are driven by similar objectives.

Research in different countries will help the organization to identify the disparities that exist in the provision of quality healthcare for children then come up with proposals that are relevant for specific regions. Below are some of the points that will be looked into to enhance the attainment of the goals set by the organization.

* All children should access clean drinking water for free

* Every child is entitled to healthy and sufficient food, so this must be addressed

* Access to shelter and clothing for all children across the world

* Safety from war and attacks for all children

Access to healthcare and basic education for every child

Learn more about Lovaganza:

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