More Women Considering Cosmetic Surgery

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More women than you might suspect are considering cosmetic surgery. First, it is important to realize that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are different. A woman might assume that she requires a nose reduction simply because her nose is big. Another woman might consider nose reduction because of breathing problems. The first falls under the category of cosmetic surgery, while the second is plastic or re-constructive surgery to correct a problem and to improve a function. Cosmetic surgery is purely for aesthetic purposes. Plastic surgery might include improving the appearance, along with improving function.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures
Some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries include breast enlargements, breast reduction, tummy tucks, and eyelid surgery. Breast enlargement is performed on women with small breast size or because their breast was removed, due to disease. The cosmetic surgeon implants a saline solution, silicone gel, or prosthetics to boost the size of the woman’s breast. Women with very large breasts might request a breast reduction to relieve physical pressure, and to look better in their clothing. Tummy tucks are popular with women that have lost weight or after a pregnancy. The tummy tuck removes excess fat in the abdomen. The eyelid surgery is performed to remove excess skin in the area or to reshape the area.

Dr. Jennifer Walden
Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most highly regarded cosmetic surgeons in the country. The cosmetic surgeon is based in Austin, Texas. Walden has received several awards during her career that note her exceptional contribution to the field. Her career started in New York, where she received outstanding training. She opened a practice in Manhattan, but decided to return to her hometown in Austin, a few years later. The mother of two children is clearly happy with her decision to move back to her hometown. Certainly, the move was to make sure that her two boys were able to get to know their other family in Austin. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a familiar face around town. She has appeared on several shows and been interviewed in several magazines discussing cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a native of Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and formally fellowship-trained in Aesthetic Surgery. Today, Dr. Walden has an office in her home town. She is the owner and medical director of a cosmetic surgery and laser center in Austin, Texas.

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Preparing For an Adopted Dog

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Adopting a dog is a noble ambition. Pet companionship of any kind requires a big heart and a certain amount of sacrifice, but adoption goes above and beyond. Having spent time in a shelter is essentially the animal equivelant of being institutionalized in an often over crowded, maximum capacity facility while you wait, never knowing. Shelters are heroes for their tremendous help in the effort to rescuing animals from situations of abuse and neglect. However, they are not equipped or designed for permanent, long-term care which is where we, pet lovers, come in. After all of the paperwork is done, supplies gathered from Walmart, t’s crossed and i’s dotted, we are able to give our pet pals the attention and environment they deserve. Knowing what exactly to expect from an adopted dog is impossible. There are a lot of different factors that play a part in a dog’s demeanor, especcially a dog that was rescued from an abusive situation. Some dog’s may be overly frightened and take an excessive amount of time to acclimate to their new living situation. Others may show signs of depression through things like loss of appetite and fatigue. There are even some rescue dogs that require medical accomidations. Patience is the name of the game. I know that it can be intensely frustrating to try and bond with a dog that seems to want nothing to do with you, but hang in there. Dogs can’t accurately express how they are feeling or describe what they have been through, so giving them some extra time to adjust and speak to your shelter representative or vet for tips if you feel you aren’t getting anywhere. Another thing with adopted dogs that you may need to keep in mind is gaps in their nutrition. Because you can’t be certain of their dietary habits before they arrived at a rescue shelter, you will need to make sure that you have an abundance of nutritious and appetizing food available for your new best friend. Beneful is good because of the balanced nutrients and variety of flavors and textures. So even if you have adopted a dog that has trouble chewing, there are still plenty of healthy and delicious options on Amazon for your dog to enjoy. Also make sure that you schedule visits to the veterinarian to make sure your dog is physically in good shape. Whatever kind of dog you are thinking of adopting, do it. You’ll never find a better friend. Sure the process can seem frustrating during parts, but there is nothing better than giving an abandoned animal a home.

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Doe Deere: What Happens When the Unicorn Queen Takes on the Cosmetic Industry

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Russian born Xenia Vorotova renamed herself Doe Deere and moved to the United States in 1999 looking for adventure and opportunity. There is no question that she has managed to find plenty of both. An enigmatic and exuberant personality, she has drawn attention wherever she has gone. Her career has spanned the gamut of pop culture, becoming involved in numerous fields including music, modeling and fashion. She is a popular blogger and Internet celebrity, with a variety of dedicated followers on her various websites, social media pages and her YouTube videos.

Of all her work, the one that has easily become the most defining has been with her cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Her makeup tutorials were one of her biggest draws for fans, both male and female, who wanted to know how to obtain her unique look. It only made sense that she should take that skill a step further and help everyone to have access to the same shades she used. From the moment the first products were released, beauty blogs and fashionistas around the globe responded instantly. Now, the media has begun to take notice, undoubtedly realizing that this is no passing trend, but a whole new means of expression that a growing number of people are excitedly discovering.


Deere understood long ago that cosmetics should be about expression, not just becoming the prettiest or most perfect. She has always made her exterior reflect the fun and free nature of her personality. When she began custom designing her shades for her brand, she made certain that the bold look she enjoyed was available for her customers as well.


This is not some Halloween shop, skin-rash inducing face paint. These are high-end products that provide excellent coverage in flashy, vibrant shades. They just happen to be packaged in sparkly packages with lots of pink and playful unicorns. It may not be the most common method for a serious cosmetics line, but then, Doe Deere has never been accused of being common. Since she has claimed the title of “Unicorn Queen”, the imagery was to be expected.


In addition to her many business interests, Deere is also an animal rights activist. She has spent time raising funds through numerous product raffles for various shelters. In addition, she has remained adamant that all of her cosmetics are entirely cruelty-free and are never tested on animals. There is no way of knowing exactly where her interests will take her next. Considering her history, it is obvious that whatever she decides to delve into, it will be big.

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Purchasing Good Dog Food Is As Easy As Buying A Bag Of Beneful

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It’s very sad to know that the smallest thing in dog food can make a dog sick, and that’s why it’s very important to make sure that dogs are getting the highest quality food possible. High-quality dog food is not hard to find, especially if pet owners choose to buy food from certain manufacturers. Certain manufacturers of dog food will make sure that every ingredient that goes into the feed is good quality, and they use real foods instead of fillers. Fillers are known as certain byproducts that are just thrown into food to make it more edible, but it’s not necessarily good food. The health of a dog depends mostly on what they eat as well as the lifestyle they live. Dogs can get a lot of exercise and still be unhealthy, especially if they are not getting good dog food. Imagine a human being who exercises every single day but is still overweight. It may seem impossible that a human can continue to be overweight if they exercise on a daily basis, but the logic makes this completely plausible. If a person only eats junk food every day, but they still exercise every day, then nothing will change where their weight is concerned. The same thing goes for a dog. Dogs can exercise every day, but eating table scraps or bad dog food can mean that the dog will be tired, lazy, and even become sick on a regular basis. The best way to make sure a dog is healthy is to check twitter blogs and stays healthy is by feeding them a dog food that has superior ingredients. Take time to read the dog food label to see what’s in the food before purchasing it. Things like chicken or beef is something that should be on the label of a dog food, but if the label does not state what ingredients are in the food, then the food shouldn’t be purchased. Another thing to look for in dog food is variety because no dog wants to eat the same food every single day, the same way a human likes different varieties of food. It’s best to pick a certain dog food manufacturer to buy food from, and then purchase different varieties of the same dog food. Beneful is an excellent choice when it comes to good dog food and variety. With all the different kinds of Beneful that can be found in stores, a dog will never get tired of eating Beneful brand foods.

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Super Newlin

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Dan Newlin is head of the team of lawyers and legal workers at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The firm is privileged to have the title of Super Lawyer Law Firm, and is in the top five percent of all law firms due to this title since it is very difficult to achieve.

Before he worked at his own firm, however, Newlin worked in the law enforcement in Chicago, Indiana. He was only twenty at the time. Later, he worked for ten years in Orlando, Florida. Here he was a detective, and received many awards for his above and beyond service.

1997 marked his start in law school. He graduated from Florida State College of Law in 2000.

The law firm has recovered upwards of 150 million dollars for its clients. One such case that has been worked included a crash on the interstate where the insurence company of the injured person questioned the severity of the injuries. Newlin won the case and won his client $950,000 in a little over a year.

Another noteworthy case of the firm’s is one involving Danielle Sampson. She was fifteen when a stray bullet hit her in the head. Since then, she has been unable to say anything. Her only form of communication at the moment is blinking her eyes. The case brought $100 million to Danielle’s family and part of the shooter’s income will be rerouted to the family.

The firm has also started a new number, #Dan. The four digit number is much easier to remember for clients, and for those that are social media savvy, it’s no different than using a hashtag in front of the name. The radio ads promoting this number, which can be called through AT&T, T-Movile, Sprint, and Verizon, are short and catchy.

Newlin and his firm serve Florida and Illinois. He is proud to be able to serve in both places, and commits himself and his firm to providing quality service to all their clients.

The services that they provide include auto and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and more recently, being wrongfully charged with a crime.

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The Mobile Landscape Is Becoming Far More Affordable Thanks to FreedomPop

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Android Authority recently reported on some exciting news for anyone interested in the smartphone industry. Or for anyone looking to get a great deal on phone service. It’s thanks to a company known as Freedom Pop. FreedomPop is, as the name suggests, a phone company which places a heavy focus on free service. The entire business plan is based around the idea of providing a lot of service for little to no upfront cost to the consumer. A good example of this can be found with their basic service plan. This provides one with two hundred minutes of talk time. It also gives one the ability to use five hundred text messages. And finally it provides a full 500 MB on their mobile data network. All for free and all filling back up every month.

The only up front cost to using the service has been a need for a phone. The company was focused entirely on the service side of the industry rather than dealing directly with phone hardware. But that’s now changed rather dramatically. FreedomPop is continuing to offer their service plan. But in addition to that they now sell the Motorola Moto E phone. And the company is selling the device for only $49.99. That’d be a great deal for almost any phone. But what’s really remarkable is that most companies sell the same device for around $249.98.

FreedomPop is able to do so by offering the phones in pre-owned state. But all of the phones are checked on an individual basis to make sure that they work just as if they’d just rolled out of the factory. Essentially one will get a powerful phone at an extremely low price, and free service on top of it. Those who purchase the phone will also get a free month of premium service. This includes an unlimited amount of minutes with talk time, unlimited texting, and a full 1GB of Internet data. One can then either switch out of the premium service and back to the standard plan, or continue with premium for a small additional monthly fee.

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Investment banking smart solutions

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Business is all about making the move. This involves increasing profits, making customers happy and finding capital to grow the business. However, when these dreams look bleak, there is need to find an expert in investment banking. This is because when it comes to issuance of securities, underwriting, mergers and acquisition, this is the way to go. Investment banking solutions helps break the barriers and grow a business. It has two main sides which are called the sell and the buy side.

Sell side and buy side
Buy side comprises of provision of counsel to a company which is accessing the investment ideas and solutions from the experts. The examples of transactions on the buy side include the life insurance firms, hedge funds, private equity funds, unit trusts and mutual funds. The sell side is concerned with trading of securities in exchange for cash. The transaction can also be of one security for another in market making. Securities can also be promoted in this side.

The private and public functions
It is crucial to understand that investment banking is wide. To ensure that customers on are served efficiently, the split dividing the public and private segment has a crucial meaning. This is because information on the private cannot cross over to the public side. Private side has insider information which should be kept off the public domain.

Functions of investment banking
First, the issuance of securities to corporations is done uniquely. This involves giving ideas on how and when the securities can be placed in the market to attract a good deal. This also determines how people will view the bank. For the new securities which need to be offered, they need to go through the hands of an investment banker.

The front office role is the task involved with revenue generation. It has two crucial parts which include markets and investment banking. For markets, it comprises of trading, research and sales. The part of investment banking is tasked with the duty of advising global companies on fund raising ideas, acquisition and on merging with other companies. It is the work of an investment banker to carry out research. This involves making a clear analysis on what to buy, sell or hold. This kind of research brings out a report which can be used on to make crucial decisions by a company. The advice is also fit for the investors interested in a certain prospect.

World business icon Kenneth C. Griffin
Few people take the bold step but Ken Griffin decided to take the old step and started a hedge fund while in second year in Harvard University. Since then, he has continued to be a ground breaker who starts something new. His years of working and experience have seen him steer Citadel which is an investment firm across the world. He has invested an amount close to $25 billion and it is estimated he is worth $6.6 billion. Kenneth is also the highest paid hedge fund manager. He is listed in the Forbes 400. In G100 he is a member where the 100 CEOs discuss international economy in periodic basis.

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Get Your Wiki Is An Amazing Wikipedia Business Website

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Learning how one can properly write literature is difficult. Having publications rejected by editors or heavily revised to the point that the sentences do not carry the same value that they were originally intended to hold is stressful. One can avoid all of this by learning how to correctly write and publish Wikipedia works. Similar to every other forum in the world or anywhere on the internet, there is a code that Wikipedia contributors must follow to have writing that is considered to be correct. There will always be someone who disagrees, but appealing to the broad majority of Wikipedia readers is where you should be aiming.

The text that the writing is formatted in is definitely one of the most important things about having an article that is correct. Nobody wants to read a Wikipedia article, where all or nearly all of the articles are in the same format, that is different than the rest. People log on Wikipedia because they have grown to be familiar with it. Make sure that the format follows the points that it needs to conform to, which can be discovered by attempting to write Wikipedia articles that are similar to the most similar articles.

Get Your Wiki is actually a service that is able to write articles and also edit or even translate them to different languages for clients. Some people are not very familiar with formatting or writing or even how to use a computer, and properly using Wikipedia requires a mixture of all of these traits. Get Your Wiki only has an online website for all your needs to hire Wikipedia editors found at

The font should always be black, always. Wikipedia readers may not want to see different colors that may be harder to read. Making your article or editing an article to make it in the most simplest form is what you are supposed to focused towards.

Wikipedia is a great website because anybody is able to change the articles or make articles or even share information that might not already be available to most people. Even students who need help with researching for projects or assignments visit Wikipedia to find out information that they do not know already. Never write to try to impress anybody because Wikipedia is meant to inform people of things they do not know already. Understanding the audience you are writing to and should be focused towards is crucial.

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Susan McGalla: An American Powerhouse

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Susan McGalla is certainly someone that exemplifies what it takes for a woman to become a leader in the business world and an expert consultant for financial moguls. Her early life emphasized the importance of self-confidence and self-worth. With those qualities along with perseverance she knew she could attain her desires.

McGalla grew up in Ohio within a family where gender didn’t make the person, their actions did. Being raised in a family with strong male influences taught her to speak with confidence and purpose amongst any crowd regardless of gender. This upbringing saw her through to a BA from Mount Union College then pushed her on to eventually become an expert consultant for many top people in the financial field and a leader in the world of retail.

After college McGalla began her venture into the retail industry working for the Joseph Horne Company. Here she performed varying jobs in marketing and management until the company’s merger with another company. She then joined American Eagle Outfitters, LLC. where she made an impact in a male dominated company working her way up the management ladder to eventually become the President and Chief Merchandising Officer. During her 15 years with this company, she saw the liberal integration of businesswomen into its corporate organization.

In 2009, McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters, LLC and advanced into the field of private consulting. Her expertise in the retail and financial investment fields made her much sought after. She eventually founded the company P3 Executive Consulting in 2013.

Along with her consulting career, Susan McGalla continued in business management. In October of 2009 she was appointed to the Board of Directors for HFF Inc. In 2011 she became the CEO of Wet Seal.

Currently McGalla is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburg Steelers. Alongside that position, she continues to advise financiers in marketing and retail stratagem. McGalla also extends her knowledge of leadership and management by serving on school boards and institute councils as well as directing various committees.

Not limiting herself to the fields of business and consulting, McGalla often speaks to groups concerning women in the workforce. She believes being raised to see a person, not a gender, helped her become who she is today. She doesn’t limit herself because of her gender nor does she view that as an obstacle in others. Her hope is for women to regard themselves as equals in the workforce, not use their gender for either a crutch or an obstacle. A woman doesn’t need an excuse in order to succeed.

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Bruce Levenson Strikes A Million Dollars Deal With Billionaire Tony Ressler

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Bruce Levenson is a famous businessman who is based in American. He is a humanitarian who has actively participated in philanthropic organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams .Levenson was also a past owner of the NBA basketball team and he co-owned the Atlanta Spirit LLC whose name has now been changed to Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Hawks, Phillips operating freedom and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers was bought in 2004 for $250million by Levenson, Gearon and other stakeholders. Thrashers was later sold in 2011 for $170million and moved to Winnipeg.

In January Levenson announced the sale of his share of the Atlanta Hawks LLC .He hired the bankers to get him a new buyer who were off by a slightly 27% market price for the NBA team. Later on in October he sought the services of another firm, Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to trade the Atlanta Hawks together with the Phillips Arena operating rights. Bruce was quite confident just like how Goldman Sachs had made him believe that the deal could get him a whooping $1 billion for both the team and the prestigious indoor arena’s operating privileges.

Bloomberg announced that he had ascertained that Tony Ressler a Billionaire and the co-founder of Ares Management LP’s group clinched the deal after winning the auction by placing a bid worth $730 million. Antony Ressler who lost out to Steve Ballmer in his bid to buy the Clippers settled for a price of close to $850 for the Atlanta Hawk team and the Phillips arena operating freedom. Close sources claim that Hawks CEO Steve Koonin and Coach Mike Budenholzer will not lose their jobs but will continue to offer services to the new owner.

The agreement was announced on Wednesday evening and the Hawks. Ressler said they were honored and happy to take the new ownership and would do everything possible to steer the team to great glory. The sale price was highly praised by Irwin Raij, Foley and Lardner sports attorney who had previously spearheaded the selling of other sports companies.

Budenholzer declined to give any detailed information about the sale of the Atlanta Hawks during the press conference before his team played against the Brooklyn Nets. He however acknowledged the reports of the sale but was only keen on the Game 2 of the Atlanta’s’ first round match. Levenson remains a happy man and a rich entrepreneur since he made a huge profit.

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